The conference will be organized in a hybrid platform with 80% on-line and 20% on-site. 

The onsite conference will be held at Green Nimman CMU Residence or commonly called UNIVERV (University Academic Service Center). For the onsite event, apart from selected sessions i.e. paper presentations, roundtables, and book launches, we also display exhibitions on various issues such as Burmese in Lanna, Migrant Workers and Covid-19, Salween River Basin: Peace & Conflicts, Updated Situation on Thailand-Myanmar and China-Myanmar border etc.  

The conference venue will strictly follow the regulations of Thailand in protecting the spread of the COVID-19 by checking temperature of each single participant, alcohol supplying spots, social distancing, wearing mask etc.

The online conference will be carried out via Zoom meeting, and on the conference website. Those who register for conference are able to get access to the conference livestreamed sessions and conference papers.

Registration for conference participations can be access via this link.