Panel: Roles of Ethnic Organizations in Promoting Grassroots Peace and Community Security in Myanmar

Session 35: Sunday, 7 March, 10.15-11.45
Convener: Makiko Takeda
Discussant: Chosein Yamahata

In this panel, each author focuses on a different type of ethnic organization in Myanmar and analyses the approaches and means to foster peace, security, and social transformation from the grassroots level. Four research papers by the panelists will be tabled for discussion with the following objectives: (1) identify similarities and differences among different types of
ethnic organizations (2) reveal their ways and means to approach the problems, issues, and challenges in the form of community initiatives (3) list the measures and steps to empower them and intervene towards transforming negative impacts to be positives, and (4) summarizes useful, effective and applicable findings to be studied further for a wider application elsewhere.

Read the full panel abstract here and join us on the ICBMS3 livestream or zoom!