Roundtable: Resilience and Resistance: Migrant Workers’ Struggle for Rights in Thailand

Session 31, Sunday 7 March 10.15-11.45
Coordinator: Kyaw Kyaw Min Htut
Discussant: Brahm Press

BEAM Education Foundation and MAP Foundation have been working to assist migrant workers for a decade. MAP is in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot, and BEAM works through a network in 7 provinces in Thailand. Both organizations run a number of programs aimed at empowering migrant workers to receive rights, including labor rights, women’s rights, access to health care, youth, and children’s education. As organizers of this panel, speakers will draw on their experience to give examples of how migrants face up to the various systemic problems they face in securing their rights. Panelists will look at the laws and policies in place and analyze how these acts as hindrances and how they can be harnessed to support migrant workers’ rights. Panelists will approach labor rights issues from various angles, including the legal aspects and using a gender perspective.

Read the full roundtable abstract here and join us in person, on the livestream, or through zoom!