Panel: Voices from the Margin – Disability and Inequality in Myanmar

Session 14, Saturday 6 March 10.45 – 12.15

Convened and chaired by Mike Griffiths, Social Policy & Poverty Research Group

This panel first presents an overview of a decade of research on disability and inequality in Myanmar, particularly looking at the intersection of gender, disability and geography. This is followed by an in-depth study of disability and self-identity, exploring how religious beliefs intersect with gender to shape the narratives of disabilities amongst people with disabilities and their near-community.

The third paper follows this, looking more specifically at how autism is constructed narratively, attempting to analyze the curious phenomenon of the seeming higher prevalence of autism amongst the upper and middle class in Myanmar. The final paper draws from an action research project aimed at enabling greater inclusion of people with disabilities in government-led rural development programmes.

Read the full abstract here and join us Saturday 6 March at 10.15 am, onsite or through this website’s livestream, or the conference zoom link!