Panel: Cross-stressing in the Periphery – Historic Migratory Populations & Practices along the Myanmar-Thailand Border

Sessions 19 & 25: Saturday, 6 March, 13.30-15.00 and 15.15-16.45

Convened by Thanyarat Apiwong, Department of History, Chiang Mai University and Thomas Bruce, Thammasat University

The papers of this panel examine the histories of transnational communities in Myanmar and Thailand as places of crossroads activity and sites of cross-cultural interaction. They examine different communities that have negotiated cultural enclaves and bring to the fore aspects of their cultural repertoire to suit the occasion.

The papers reflect the mixture of stability, plurality, and flexibility of various communities in key areas, namely local production, trade, and consumption, including Chinese migrant involvement, varieties of Buddhist and other religious expressions, and elite strategies for negotiating cross-cultural currents, all with significant political consequence.

Please read the full panel abstract here, and join the panel discussion online through the livestream or zoom!